About Us


ECO REGAIN is a first initiative in India to Recycle and Reuse old clothes to handcraft new products. Inspired by ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ and ‘Startup’ India.

Old clothes waste is becoming serious problem day by day.All these old clothes throw away on open landfill where they finally get decompose(40 Years to 100 years period),and produce carbon dioxide and methane,methane traps heat 28th times more which is causing global warming.

As population in India is increasing exponentially,clothes waste will also increase and will have adverse impact on environment.

Eco Regain has founded with a mission to provide sustainable solution to the old clothe waste.

Till date collected 28,000 KG old clothes waste and Recycle it into creative products consisting of handbags,Travel Bags,Travel Pouch,Kitchen Apron,Sack,Satranji,Galicha,Carpet,doormats (Kindly check attached Catalouge).

Eco Regain has launched Women Empowerment Center,to provide training to all needy women.

This initiative aiming two objective:

1.Old clothes waste Solution.

2.Women Empowerment as well as employment generation.

We request you all please do join Recycling Revolution!