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Eco Regain

“Recycle and Reuse” is a trend that has been passed onto us since generations. Even though we know about it and its importance, we rarely do anything in participation. So Eco Regain has taken up a positive road to walk on a REUSE- RECYCLE path in the trendiest way.

Eco Regain is a Brand that accepts your old clothes and recycles them in a fashionable and sustainable way that matches your style quotient

Donating or Recycling old clothes is a task we usually do during every room clearing session of ours. But unless and until we use the recycled material the Circle of recycling stays incomplete.

Well, Eco Regain works on this sole Circle Of Recycle. Giving rebirth to your old clothes and making them your trendiest fashion statement.

Here is your road of 3 quick steps to Living the Sustainable life:

  • 1. Donate your old clothes - At the rate of Rs.10/Kg, the weight of your donated clothes is inversely proportional to the amount of discount on your purchase of the recycled goods from their store. So donate more and bag in more discounts.
  • 2. Choose your product - They have a wide range of trendy fashion goods right from sling bags, to tote bags and handbags, rucksacks even. A section of mufflers and scarves with hand painted detailings, door mats, carpets and a lot more. All the products ranging at the lowest prices of Rs.300/- to Rs.2500 Rs.only. (Prices may vary according to the products you choose) So just decide what you want to buy and get the donation discount on the product of your choice.
  • 3. Happy Delivery - Once you are done with your selections, Eco regain delivers your product right at your doorstep and takes away your donated clothes along, all in a single go.

Isn’t it the most hassle free Good Karma that you can indulge in ever? So let the good vibes flow in. Get started with your donation and experience the renaissance of the old clothes!

Our Mission

To provide sustainable solutions to the problem of old clothes

Our Vision

To completely revolutionise the recycling industry in India.


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Mobile: +91-7789979797, +91-7888049202

New Store Address: 2nd Floor,42/B Anurekha Society,Near Tathawade Garden, Opp.Navasahydri Society,Karvenagar Pune 411052.